Friday, May 26, 2006

Global Address List (GAL)

I had a customer call me because he added a new user to his Small Business Server and wanted to see them in the Global Address List in his Outlook. Exchange doesn't automatically update the GAL upon user creation in Active Directory. I think it's strange that Exchange doesn't automatically update the GAL when it creates a mail box for the user. Instead Exchange is set up to update the GAL once a day. If you want that person to be listed immediately you will have to manually start the update.

First you need to open up the Exchange System Manager and navigate to Recipients > Offline Address Lists

Second, double click on the Default Offline Address List

Third, under update interval click the Customize button.

From there, select a time that is closest to your current time and wait for it to pass. Outlook should update automatically. And your employees won't have to manually type in the new users full email address.

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