Friday, August 20, 2010

Quickbooks wrong starting check number

Have you ever had the problem where you go to print checks in Quickbooks and hit print before confirming the starting check number only to realize after they have printed that the numbers are all off from the printed check? 

The quickest and best way to fix the situation:
  1. on the Print Checks Confirmation screen click the "Select All" button to place all the checks back in the to be printed queue. 
  2. Go back to File > Print Forms > Checks (or Paychecks) and select all the same checks you had selected before. Enter the correct starting check number of the checks you just printed. 
  3. Important: in the printer selection screen choose a printer that prints to file (Examples: Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, Microsoft XPS Document Writer, PDF Complete, Adobe PDF, etc)
  4. Save the file to someplace on the desktop.
  5. after printing you can delete the file off of your desktop, and all the numbers in quickbooks will now correspond to the numbers on the checks you just printed.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Casio MS-80TV

Instructions to set or reset the tax rate on a Casio MS-80TV calculator

Press AC twice. Hold down % set key for about 2 seconds until ?0? disappears on screen, then reappears. Press Tax Rate key. Input tax rate (9.3) and press % set key.
 You're done.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Extract Images from Microsoft Word Documents

So you want to extract an image from a Microsoft Word Document. It's not as hard as it seems. Word has no internal function to simply extract an image. You can select the image and copy/paste it to a photo editing software of your choice, but that will reduce the original image's quality.

There is a back door way to get the original image. Safe the document as an html web page file:

Click File > Save As > Under save as type: choose "Web Page (*.htm; *.html)

Remember the folder you save the file to.

Go to the folder you saved the new file to and you will see a sub-folder with the same name as the file you just created. Inside this subfolder are all the images your document contains.

Note: you may see two of the same image in this new subfolder. The reason for this is that the original picture was modified after it was inserted into the Word document, so Word will extract both the original picture and the modified version of the picture that would appear in print. An example of a modification would be if the picture were shrunken to fit or converted to grayscale.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Use Gmail to find who sends you spam.

"When you give your email address to a website, you hope that they don't sell or trade your address to a bunch of spammers. Well if they do, here is a simple way to see what sites are responsible for what particular piece of email. This requires you have a Gmail account.

If your Gmail login name was and you went to to fill out a registration form, instead of just entering as your email, enter it instead. When Gmail sees a "+" in an email address, it uses all the characters to the left of the plus sign to know who to send it to. In this example it would still send it to

Now whats cool is if you search Gmail for username+samplesitecom, you will see all massages that were sent to that email address.

To see who is responsible for sending a specific message click the Show Details link and you will see the complete address"

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Change your RDP Port

This tip works for Windows XP.

Why would you want to change the listening port for Remote Desktop (RDP)? I only have one IP address through my ISP but multiple computers that I want to have direct access to. (as opposed to multiple remote hops) Since I have only one IP but nearly limitless ports, I can take advantage of this feature.

Instead of using the default port 3389, I can manually change it to another port such as 3390 or 3391, as many as my router will allow. Microsoft explains the process in two knowledge base articles.

To change the listening port on the RDP server (the computer being accessed) follow these instructions: KB306759

On the client side simply append a colon and the port number to the computer name. ex: KB304304

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Address letters in a snap with Word's Insert Address toolbar button

A worthy tip for Microsoft Office users.


When writing letters in Word, stop interrupting yourself to look up and insert addresses from your Outlook address book. Mary Ann Richardson describes how you can add a button to your Word toolbar that will allow you to easily reference your addresses. View the whole story

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Virtual Headphones Offer Private Audio

This is a clever way to conduct business. It reminds me of the "Cone of Silence" from Get Smart in how it isolates sound. But now you don't have to be in the same room anymore.


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Virtual Headphones Offer Private Audio

A new multiple speaker system from Microsoft Research recreates the headphone experience without the cord -- or the headphones.


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