Friday, August 20, 2010

Quickbooks wrong starting check number

Have you ever had the problem where you go to print checks in Quickbooks and hit print before confirming the starting check number only to realize after they have printed that the numbers are all off from the printed check? 

The quickest and best way to fix the situation:
  1. on the Print Checks Confirmation screen click the "Select All" button to place all the checks back in the to be printed queue. 
  2. Go back to File > Print Forms > Checks (or Paychecks) and select all the same checks you had selected before. Enter the correct starting check number of the checks you just printed. 
  3. Important: in the printer selection screen choose a printer that prints to file (Examples: Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, Microsoft XPS Document Writer, PDF Complete, Adobe PDF, etc)
  4. Save the file to someplace on the desktop.
  5. after printing you can delete the file off of your desktop, and all the numbers in quickbooks will now correspond to the numbers on the checks you just printed.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Casio MS-80TV

Instructions to set or reset the tax rate on a Casio MS-80TV calculator

Press AC twice. Hold down % set key for about 2 seconds until ?0? disappears on screen, then reappears. Press Tax Rate key. Input tax rate (9.3) and press % set key.
 You're done.