Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hello RSS, Goodbye Newspaper

How do you get your news? From that large awkward paper that gets black ink everywhere? From the TV? What a waste of time! Why do I want to wait around for the 11 o'clock news just to find out about the new weightloss study? I want my news now, when it's published. And I'd like to check up on my blogging friends too.

RSS is a standard for organizing headlines. It stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is the coolest way to get the latest information. How you use an RSS feed is you install an RSS feed reader on your machine. My favorite one is RSS Bandit. Super cool. It already has a few feeds automatically installed, and from there you right click on any category and choose Subscribe to new feed and it will walk you through the process of setting up new feeds. For example you can subscribe to this blog as a feed. It's address is Once you put that address in it will find the RSS feed and load it into your reader. Check it out!

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